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Chef Freezer not getting below 20F

On Saturday I noticed our freezer On the bottom right would not get below 20°F. I readjusted the temperature to -8. Before it was set at minus one. The freezer on the left side was maintaining minus one. We took the ice cream out of the chef or known as the right freezer for right now. The model RF34H9960S4/AA and this was purchased in 2016.  

I consider myself a very handy person, I checked to make sure nothing was frozen and making sure the gaskets were installed properly and were clean.  It almost appears like the sensor on the right side is not working properly. I purchased a digital thermometer and placed it inside overnight to Verify The readings again.


is there anything else I can look for or is there a diagnostic procedure? This was a $5000 refrigerator in 2016.Thank you very much for the help in advance. 

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Chef Freezer not getting below 20F

Give this link a shot: If this link does not help, then I recommend getting a service technician to take a look at this. Send your full model code and serial number via private message or call 1-800-SAMSUNG directly to get started.

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