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Cracked glass range top

(Topic created: 03-05-2024 09:08 AM)
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I bought all new appliances last year and decided to go with the Samsung Bespoke line. White is my favorite color and I like clean lines. Seemed perfect at the time. Yesterday I was making an omelette for one of my kids. I used the same pan as always (yes I bought all new pans when I bought the range) when there was a loud pop. My glass top had cracked all the way across kinda like a car windshield. I literally almost cried. I hadn’t moved the pan, the glass top was clean, no other burners were on. Nothing had been spilled or dropped. There was no reason that I can think of for that to have happened. I mean, I seriously named my range “the pretty stove” in our app and now it’s just an ugly eye sore that makes me sad every time I walk in the kitchen. Has any one else had this happen? Cause? Solution? Any chance the warranty covers this? 
I also have had horrible luck with the dishwasher. The repair man has been to the house 3 times to fix it and then gave up. All the little prongs for the silverware rack break off, the flex thing to move the rack back and forth (for wine glasses maybe) doesn’t stay attached and it just doesn’t dry. The repair man (Best Buy) said he just didn’t know why and gave up. He never came back. 😂 
I’m more bummed about the range than the dishwasher as it cost twice as much. I’m just hoping the fridge doesn’t give out for a once in a lifetime trifecta. 


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Hello! Thank you for reaching out! I see how this can be frustrating with this occurring. As you are having these issues this is something that will require service, please feel free to either reach out to us directly via our moderators, or by calling in directly at 1 (800) 726-7864 with your full model and serial number so that we may look at this on a case by case basis.