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Customer service complaint - Refrigerator ice box issue

Ticket number 5125798045 or 4153684809: I was told after several repairs that my unit would be replaced due to the ice box freeze up issue. After waiting weeks I was told just this week that due to inventory issues that I would be offered 50% off a new one or a pro rated refund of $1579.10, After hours on the phone last night to your case management who were rather condescending and rude I was told a supervisor or manager would call me. No follow up. Your customer service and their ability to find a solution for the customer is disgusting. I paid $1900 ($2500 on sale) plus $137 tax etc for a fridge that has alway had ice box freeze problem that your product support and field service have agreed and I’m left here with a piece of junk that can’t make ice. Replace my defective unit as promised by several Samsung reps or refund my $1900 to allow me to replace the unit and not be out of pocket based on the defective products Samsung are placing in consumers hands with a known design defect.

Anyone have a way to get the right level of attention within Samsung to get this resolved?