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Customer service

(Topic created on: 1/20/21 3:55 PM)
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Worst customer service I have ever experienced! I have been calling weekly sometimes more than weekly to escalate my claim, I have been promised a call back From a supervisor within 25 hours about 6 times now.  There is no supervisors on the floor nor any that can answer the phone.  It's unreal that a company as large as Samsung can't hire some supervisors or managers. When asked if there is someone above the supervisor since they can't reply to my calls, I was told no. So apparently they are the ones who run the whole

 company? Crazy! I will never again recommend Samsung, it was always my go to, and never had to deal with customer service thankfully, but after this I'm done! I shouldn't be brought to tears out of frustration that I spent $2200 ona. Fridge that has never shown up to my house even after 6 weeks and no one at the company can explain why? I googled and clearly I am not alone either! Hundreds of claims against the crappiest Customerservice you get for buying Samsung! 

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