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DO NOT buy Samsung built-in Microwave/Ovens!!!!!!

(Topic created: 11-12-2021 08:12 AM)
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Do not buy Samsung built-in Microwave/Ovens.  Samsung wanted $1,000+ to repair a 4yr old oven. Ours was delivered November 22, 2017 and we've had nothing but troubles with the unit. On November 7, 2021, our unit discontinued operation with a C-2A error. Samsung authorized service rep (scheduled through Samsung help line) gave a quote of $250 labor and $187 parts for the repair via txt.  When the reps arrived and removed the unit from the wall, wires on the unit were burnt through.  The reps then quoted $600 MINIMUM for parts and $300 in labor. 

M/C: NQ70M7770DS/AA

S/N: <hidden>

The first service was to replace the touch screen.  The right portion of the screen did not illuminate.  This was covered under warranty.

I'm not going to invest more money in this poorly designed and manufactured unit. Our previous unit was a 15yr old Whirlpool that was working when we decided to replace all our appliances.

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