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DW80J7550UG doesnt clean dishes

Have had a few service appointments but to no avail.  The dishwasher just doesn't clean at all.  We have tried different dishwasher pods, running hot water before we start the dishwasher and a few other tips.  But the dishwasher really has to have totally clean dishes regardless of the cycle it runs on.  The bottom rack dishes are dirty, knives in the tray are never clean because the waterwall is just ineffective.  Sorry for the rant, I have had a refunded Samsung Dishwasher and a refunded Samsung Refrigerator.  It's super frustrating dealing with this washing machine but wanted to see if anyone else is having problems with theirs.  Its still under a 5 year warranty with Home Depot but considering replacing it with another vendor and model.  Please let me know if you have any suggestions to improve its cleaning.


Re: DW80J7550UG doesnt clean dishes

Buy Miele . much better brand but you will pay for superior european products. we use mostly that brand . No it's not at home depot and all your appliances will last a lifetime. Also no need to baby them like this pathetic dishwasher you mentioned. Second brand option you may see at home depot is Bosch. Very good no heating element drys with steam very quiet and superior again in production. Now you have roo great brand names you may not have ever considered.