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DW80K5050US - control panel stopped working / corroded

I bought this dishwasher for my 75 year old father about 2 years ago. He uses it about once a week or less. 3-4 months ago the control panel stopped working, so the dishwasher is essentially a brick


After reading A LOT of other people’s issue with the same exact problem, I reached out to Samsung Customer Support. I expected that since it is clearly a known issue that they would be helpful. I was wrong


The only response from Samsung was “The unit is out of warranty and it needs service. Please contact the closest authorized Repair Facility”. There is only one in the entire state of Massachusetts and it is 60 miles away. On top of that they want me to bring the dishwasher to them and pay for the evaluation and repair


So instead of wasting all that time and expense, I decided to try to troubleshoot it myself.   The problem is quite obvious once I took the control panel off. The connector is corroded from moisture. 






Clearly this is a design flaw considering the dishwasher creates moisture and vents it out the door.   Considering that there are 50-100 people on this forum alone that complained about this defect, Samsung should be aware of the problem and have a fix in place free-of-charge. 




Re: DW80K5050US - control panel stopped working / corroded

What was your fix from Samsung?  The main board has a limited warranty of five years so if you purchased this dishwasher two years ago, the main board and components are STILL covered!  Samsung was quick to tell me that and say they have to attempt to repair before replacement.   My dishwasher is only 8 months old and the main board is faulty.  They want to 'repair' mine and I've filed a case with my better business bureau to have it replaced.  It seems to be a known issue.