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DW80N3030US Dishwasher failure - horrible customer service

Has anyone successfully reached out to the executive level in customer service to address their issue? 

I have a 5 month old Dishwasher that failed - it had that flashing light problem that supposedly indicates a leak - couldn't get it repaired for weeks due to trouble getting parts.  I call Customer Service at Samsung and get a great agent who tries everything in his power to make it right...he initially offered to just replace the unit with a new one, then unfortunately found out that these are out of stock, so he wasn't able to do that.  He then offered to just refund us so we could buy another one.  I told him up front that since I had purchased the unit as a part of a whole samsung kitchen bundle, that may not help us with replacement, since a new one would be significantly higher outside of a bundle.  No worries, he says he wouldn't use my bundle price, but rather a Samsung estimator, to ensure we are made whole (I was extremely concerned about not wanting to incur any incremental expense - I'm unemployed thanks for Coronavirus).  "No worries, Samsung cares, wants you to be happy, we'll send you $551.85, sorry we can't also cover install!"  Got it, we will make that work, anything to get this stinky, moldy, gross dishwasher out of our house.


With his assurances, I go buy another dishwasher, couldn't afford another Samsung with that $551, but desperate times, right?  Meanwhile the fulfillment office texts, calls, emails, telling me I need to send them my receipt/proof of purchase before they can cut the check.   Sure, I send everything gets stuck.  Now, they are recalculating my refund, reducing it by about $200 based on their estimates of what I might have paid for that one item inside of a great Black Friday bundle...really? is completely unfair.  I am owed a DISHWASHER...I had a brand new DISHWASHER that stopped working...they couldn't fix it, couldn't switch it out for me, and now they want to after-the-fact reduce our agreed upon settlement?  NO!  I can't accept this, I can't afford this right now, we can barely pay rent, and I purchased a replacement based on that commitment.  I need help...I get no satisfaction from customer service, a bunch of robots who aren't listening to me.  If a mistake was made, it's on their side, not mine.  I need someone with a heart and soul to listen to me and help.