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DW80R5061US 2 weeks old and already an issue

I recently bought a DW80R5061US and it was installed 2 weeks ago.  Already an LC error code (Leak detection) that I can't resolve on my own, and I can't use it.  Note that there is no water leakage visiable.  I contacted the support team on 11/11 with the issue, and was sent troubleshooting information.  I followed the troubleshooting steps, and the next day, still no resolution.  I had to wait another hour on the chat function for them to send me the same troubleshooting steps.  When I try to create a repair service request, my only option is to mail it in for service??  Once the chat finally was able to create a service repair appointment for me, 4155612802, it's a week after the initial issue, 11/18.  A week?  To repair a brand new appliance?  To say I'm disappointed is an understatement.  This is after I already bought a Samsung fridge and have had 2 service calls in the last year.  I should have known better!