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DW80R9950US Powers off during cycle.

Hi I have a Samsung dishwasher DW80R9950US that will power off randomly mid-cycle. My warranty expired two months ago and now may be at a loss. Started happening shortly ago but I thought my toddler may have touched the touch panel as I saw him in the past so wasn't too concerned. Finally happened when I ewas in the kitchen a few weeks ago and noticed it a few times since. A couple of the times, it wouldn't power back on. I checked the breaker as well as the voltage at the line going into the dishwasher and saw I am getting the proper voltage. During these couple times you are unable to power it back on until some time and then will start working again. The dishweasher is only 14 months old and as much as I like Samsung, I am not very unhappy that I may have to replace an $800 dishwasher. Has anyone had a similar issue and was it an easy fix? I do not want to pay a minimum of $150 to have them come out knowing I had this intermittent failure in a short period of time. Thanks in advance.

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: DW80R9950US Powers off during cycle.

I'm sorry to hear that, does this occur on every cycle? Also, does this occur after power cycling the dishwasher? 

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