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Dishwasher DW80K5050US

Hi there, for some reason the autorelease rods remained extended after the washing cycle. The autorelease has remained on since I bought the appliance and it has been working properly up to today.


I already tried resetting and unpluging the power cord in hopes it will reset it self, but no the rods remain extended blocking the full close of the latch.  The equipment is working fine with no error messages, only that I gently have to close the door as much as I can without pushing the rods to avoid further damage, its odd but is doing its work cycle again and cleaning the dishes fine, -only the door is not fully closed- and some minor spills occur. 

How can I reset it, or get the rods to get back in? I will appreciate your advice.



Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Dishwasher DW80K5050US

I'm sorry to hear that, so that I may look into this can you send me a private message withy your full model and serial number? 

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