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Dishwasher DW80R9950US

(Topic created on: 12/23/20 11:00 AM)
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I purchased the dishwasher March 3, 2020, and on November 1, we started getting "LC" meaning there is a water leak.  The Samsung representative came out 4 different times and even though I called and texted them the same day they were in my house to repair it I had to wait 10 days to two weeks for them to come back.  After 4 times (for the same problem) I  started to have discussions about replacing it.  After Samsung couldn't get yet another company to come out to repair it until next January (second or third week) they made me an offer for over $100 less than what it would cost to replace the unit.  I don't call that replacing it and now am getting no where with Samsung.  This is the worst possible service I have ever experienced by a manufacturer especially having bought 4 appliances, all Samsung, at the same time.  If you are concerned about getting service on a Samsung appliance or them standing behind their product, I would think twice before buying Samsung.

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