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Dishwasher Dw80k7050ug won't close

(Topic created on: 12/29/20 2:13 PM)
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When have had this dishwasher for  a little over 3 years now and it's been hit and miss.  Last year we had the recall/ warranty circuit boards replaced. While the tech was out we'd diagnosed the dir latch was bad.  So  I replaced it and it worked fine until last week. Now the door won't close again.  So I ordered up another door latch and that didnt work. So here we go again it's a fancy dish rack.  Has anyone else had this issue I'm set to find one that isn't a problem child this one. Got a quote of basically 225 to come look and diagnose the problem plus parts and labor. That's basically a 1/3 of a new better model. I thought quality reputable brand appliances were suppose to last more then 3yrs 

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