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Dishwasher Lower spray arm rubbing against bottom rack

(Topic created: 11-30-2022 09:22 AM)
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It seems the lower spray arm is a little longer on one side compared to the other.  The right side tip rubs against the bottom of the rack, the piece of plastic that holds the wheels that extends down the most.  It barely rubs but it does it constantly during a wash cycle.  I'm guessing it's because the lower rack is loaded with many plates and it's flexing it down a little bit.

You would think Samsung would take measurements to ensure clearance of the spray arms with loaded racks, assuming they would sink a little when loaded.

Is there any fix to this other than not loading the bottom rack with plates like it was meant to be?  I never had this issue with my old dishwasher but its racks were actually solid, unlike the flimsy flexible metal used by Samsung.

Also, when will Samsung fix this form because it always says invalid HTML was found whenever you try to post.

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