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Dishwasher Model Number DW80F600UTS

We purchased our Samsung Model No. DW80F600UTS in November of 2014 when we were remodeling our kitchen.  It was not installed until April 2015.  Several weeks ago, when we turned the dishwasher on, it started then the Smart Auto light started flashing and the dishwasher stopped working. We used the trouble shooting guide in the manual, but then called for support. The telephone service rep walked my husband through multiple attempts to fix the problem to no avail. We then contacted the Samsung service department and a service rep came to our home. He was unable to pull the dishwasher out to look at it, because he needed to have it powered. So, then he had my husband check the drain hose, and my husband redirected the hose. It appeared to fix the problem. Then the service rep told my husband that if this was not the correct fix to the problem, it would probably be a sensor problem, and it would cost up to $600 to fix, and we would be better off just buying a new dishwasher. Then the service rep left our home, (the service rep did not actually do anything, he instructed my husband what to do). Unfortunately, the dishwasher only ran one full cycle before Auto Start button started flashing again. We had to prepay $109.00 for the service call.

I'm wondering is this is an ongoing problem with this dishwasher. It seems that when you purchase a brand new diswasher you should expect to have it last more than 4 1/2 years.  We are extremely disappointed. I was also chatting online with one of the service reps and when I asked for a recommendation on who I could speak to about my dissatisfaction, he "told" me he was going to check with his supervisor. Since then, I set my dinner table, served dinner to my family, ate our dinner, washed dishes by hand and just sat down (7:15 pm to 8:15 pm EST).  I still do not have a response from my online chat service rep. I am so very disappointed!!!