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Dishwasher Racks Rusting DW80K5050US/AA

I bought a Samsung Dishwasher in 2018 from Lowes and recently noticed the tines for the racks are rusting on both the top and bottom.  The covering on the dish racks has split open and both racks are rusting through.  I've had other dishwashers in the past and I have never had this happen before. 


Re: Dishwasher Racks Rusting DW80K5050US/AA

Jeez I just priced Bosch dishwasher at home depot online for 499.00 and a Samsung for 589.00 .

would you buy a dishwasher from RCA?

umm no they were known for Records, Studio equipment, TV's VCR's and Record Players not dishwashers . why would you buy a dishwasher from a name that was made mostly on Cellphones and TV's and a few DVD and Smart Bluray players that's it right there. And the price is higher than the German line Bosch which doesnt even use a heating element but a steam method from the hot water amazing technology and sound decibels are far lower on Bosch its super quiet on the 499.00 price range and stainless steel with the cutlery rack ontop like it should be and will run a lifetime with a better warranty cause they already know their stuff is built to last. Lame move dude. go do some research on the next dishwasher.