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Dishwasher Tines Rusting

(Topic created: 05-07-2022 08:38 AM)
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I've seen other posts on this and would like to know the resolution. My dishwasher was purchased in 2018. 

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If it's not under warranty there is no resolution unfortunately.
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My dishwasher is only 2 years old and I had rusting start over 9 months ago. 
I have been through every avenue of resolving this issue from this forum, to them promising to replace the rack (but they couldn't get a repairman to drive the distance) to having tickets orders cancelled because of said repair person to just now getting off the phone after filing a BBB complaint. 

This is a known issue and they will not repair or replace the rack as they will deem it cosmetic. 

There is nothing cosmetic about a rack that is covered in vinyl that would allow a rack to start rusting in 4 different places. That cover has to be damaged somehow and the places mine is rusting there is no way that they couldn't have been damaged. 
The new racks are 1/3 the price of the dishwasher.
And when they think they have concluded with you, they will turn off commenting on your post. 

Good Luck. 
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