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Dishwasher broke only after 1.5 yrs! Samsung waterwall dishwasher DW80M9550US

Do not buy this dishwasher !!  The circulating pump broke only after 1.5 yrs and caused damage to my floors.  I had to remove part of the flooring as a result.  


Trying to get the warranty parts  has been a difficult and prolonged process with many calls to the service department.  It requires a lot of persistence and there were many times I was told wrong information.   I had to call back several times after my own research that the part was under warranty.  


I used another technician other than the one affiliated with Samsung to diagnosed the defective part.  I did not think it mattered whom I used since this was never explained to me!!  Now I have to repair everything myself, including paying for the parts,  and then submitting the receipts for approval through another dept!  I am dissatified with the whole process and will not be recommending  Samsung after going through this experience.