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Dishwasher issues & more.

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In spring of 2020, we replaced all of our (perfectly good 10 year old kitchen appliances ) with Samsung appliances. (Due to Covid, they were not installed for several months. They were installed in November 2020. ) As a result, our warranty expired. We have since have had problems with each of them. RANGE: MODEL NX60T8711SS. There was no manual for this, and none online until recently. Even online support person had no access to a manual. The light bulb blew out, and we cannot get the cap,off to replace it. REFRIGERATOR: model RF23M8070SR. Cover on “butter keeper” broke off. A problem with the filter caused a flood in our basement. DISHWASHER: DW80R5060US. The manual they provided is a “generic” manual for many models. The descriptions and illustrations do not match our model. I have chatted with people a out the two issues we have had, and they both referred me to the online manual, which is the same useless manual I have. The recent “OC” message says to “check drain filter. I have asked where to do this, as the directions do not match my machine. It was escalated to service call. So now I am to pay $175 service call for someone to point to the drain filter?. As an additional insult, the description they have listed for repair is “dishwasher does not drain.” It drains perfectly! That is not the issue. What is the reasons we continually get error messages, or lose power?



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