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Dishwasher warranty trouble

Sorry for the long post, but I am hoping for some feedback!

I purchased my dishwasher in March of 2015 (4 years ago).

In June, my fancy waterwall arm on my dishwasher began failing in the middle of cycles. The dishwasher would sing to tell me it was complete, but the arm was not back in the proper resting position and the dishes were still filthy. 

I called an appliance repair company, they tried to order the parts to repair it, but could not get the parts in their hands. 

I thought nothing of it and hired a second company to come take a look. They also said the parts are unavailable.

So, after 2 service calls (and charges), I called did some research and found that the parts I need are covered under a 5 year extended warranty on "Linear Motion Parts" from Samsung. 

In August, I called Samsung to try and get the parts, so that I can pay to have them installed, as I understand that my regular warranty has long expired. They initially tried to make me pay for a third service call by an "authorized" repair company, but I scoffed, saying I feel like I have the documentation to prove what I need. I told them they were welcome to send someone, but I don't feel I should pay a third time. They relented.

After consulting with a supervisor, the decision was made to use the documents I had and send the case to the accomodation team. I was told to wait 3-5 dyays for a call. I trusted them. 

Three days later, I received a text saying that since my warranty was expired, there was nothing they could do. I replied that it isn't expired. She said she needs a workorder showing what they did. This should have been the moment I knew this was going downhill, since she didnt realize that the basis of my problem is not being able to fix my dishwasher. I reminded her that the parts I need are listed. She replied that she can't even offer a one time curtesy repair because the parts are unavailable. She never questioned what was wrong with the dishwasher. She stopped replying to my text messages, never offered to speak with me any further, although she hadn't addressed my concern.

I called customer service and was told (the first time of many) that I am not allowed to call them, that they have to call me. I submitted a request for a phone call, which was supposed to happen in that magical 3-5 day period. 

Instead of a call, I recieved an email re-stating what the previous text had said abotu being out of warranty and basically that was all they can do. It was a slap in the face. I called several more times, trying to get someone to take my case under their wing, yet had several circles of people not understanding the situation. Everytime I felt like someone understood, they promised to personally deliver the info and get back to me, but it never happened. 

At that point, I had spent 3 plus hours on the phone, and dealt with sending in documents including the work order and a purchase receipt. 

On Friday, 8/30, I purchased a new dishwasher. I had been without mine for almost 3 months. I called that night, with no resolution. The call ended in my needing to leave for a dinner reservation. 

On Saturday morning, 8/31, I called again, knowing I had planty of time to wait to conclude this issue. I had to get resolution because I was being asked by the appliance retailer whether I wanted haul away for the old unit. After talking to an agent, I was sent to a supervisor, who told me he could not escalate further because the accomodation office was closed. After 2 hours on the phone, he promised me he would call me on Monday, whether he has a resolution or not. I reminded him that Monday was Labor Day and it is unlikely that the department would be open. He still said he would call. He did not. 

On Tuesday, 9/3, I decided to call and stay on the phone until it was handled. This was necessary, because the broken one was about to be disconnected, in case they want to look at it. I spent 4 hours on the phone that day, finally being transferred to the accomodations team (yes, they can transfer you if you try hard enough!). I spoke with a rep (who shall remain nameless here, but I do know it) who finally went through all of my documentation and determined that I was due a replacement unit. I told him I have no interest in that, and have already purchased a new Bosch unit, to be installed the next day. He offered my a refund, even giving me datails about the amount and process. Please remember the urgency of the day was because I needed to know what to do with my unit. He said they are not sending anyone out and we are moving forward with the refund. That was all. Unfortunately, it was too late to order and pay for the "haul away" service from this large retailer. I ended the call happily, thinking all my time had been justified. He said they would call me in 3-5 days to arrange the refund. I thought it was a done deal. 

The next day, my new Bosch is installed, and the very kind installer offers to haul away ours for free, even though it wasnt on the work order, because I hadn't caught them in time to order and pay for it. Luckily, he did hand write the haul away on the ticket, just under the typed "No Haul Away" order.

Since I heard nothing (shocker, I know), I called them 7 days later to inquire about the refund. I expected that it was being processed, but no one had bothered to call me. He had already verified my name and address and such. Instead, they tell me it was declined because there has been no Samsung authorized service call. ARE YOU KIDDING? I had spent 3 weeks telling this story over 20 times, and had several agents acknowledge that we can proceed to the next level, beyond a service call. I had to cut the call short because I was at work, but I was assured they would have someone call me (you guessed it, in 3-5 days).

That evening, I received an email to a Mr. Watkins, which is not my name. It said they are unable to issue a refund, but they can reimburse me for parts. It is like I am beating against a brick wall.

I call customer service, get sent to a supervisor who promises me the department is closed, but will call me in the morning. I really had no choice. 

This morning, for the first time in this process, someone actually calls me back. The rep serves me reason after reason for the decline of my refund:

1. "You are out of warranty." I explain that I am not for these parts.

2. "The parts can't be linear motion, since that wouldnt explain the leak." The leak? This is not our problem, but he insists it mus be fact because someone put it in the notes on our account. Between this and the email to the wrong person, I am convinced they have crossed my account with another. 

3. "We have no proof that those parts are the ones that need replacing, since it hasnt been verified by a Samsung service tech." I remind him that this part of my situation was resolved weeks ago, and it should never have preogressed to refunds if that was necessary. Bear in mind that he is unable to view the service tickets I submitted at their request. Why would they ask for these if they were useless in proving anything?

4. "We can send a tech to repair the unit". You do not have the parts to repair the unit. Again, this was verified very early in this process, weeks ago, by one of your reps. I have that part in writing. We no longer have the unit, as you know. It seems that somewhere in our notes, someone typed that they told us not to let the unit get hauled away. I promise this never happened. Why on earth would I have spent hours rushing for that exact answer, only to ignore their advice and let the unit out of our home? 

5. "Even if we were going to issue a refund, we need the serial number plate from the old unit." Again, I would have followed any directions I was given. Why would I not? 


This is where we left off, with the agent saying he wasnt sure how to help us, and that we were talking in circles. I feel like the release of our unit was used as a bargaining chip for them to deny our accomodation. I feel manipulated and so angry. 


Please advise!




Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Dishwasher warranty trouble

We sincerely apologize for your experience. Please send any ticket numbers, or your email address, to this PM Link, and we will look in to this case for you.

Be sure to click " ✓ Accept as Solution" when you find an answer that works for you.


I'm not reading all of that. Just send missy andor Vicky...

I'm not reading all of that. Just send missy andor Vicky CAH to tell it to me