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Dishwasher will not power on

(Topic created on: 1/9/21 3:45 PM)
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Bought DW80J3020US in late of 2018, just in a few month, it won't power on. Scheduled a few services and replaced main control board finally. It started to work. In Nov 2020, same kind of problem happened again, no power after the power button was pressed. Checked the main control board,  it got bad again. Had to buy another main control board since it was out of Samsun warranty. Replaced the old one, the problem was fixed. It started to work. But just afer two round of washing cycle, the dishwasher went to dead again. The dishwasher will not power on again. Checked the main control board, the new purchased one was dead then. I'm so frustrated about this dishwasher. From the discussion panel, it looks like this problem is very common. But Samsung didn't give a solid solution about it. Does anyone heard of anything about it? Or just got rid of Samsung. I do hope Samsung should have solved this issue. Otherwise I'm going to publish in my Channel letting people know to avoid Samsung dishwasher. It did give me(and others) lots of trouble......

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