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Double oven range timers Model: NE58K9850WG

The timers on the Samsung double oven timers are so faint you have to be standing directly in front of the range or right beside it to hear the timers. This model number is: NE58K9850WG. I purchased it in May, 2019. I have had 3 service calls on this problem. Finally I was told it was a known problem and the replacement parts have the same problem. I have extended warranty for 5 years but the  Best Buy Geek Squad that repairs these ranges told me that is the way it is in a throw away society; buy the new model that just came out! Who can afford the new model that is over $2600.00 after just 1-1/2 years that the old one also costs over $2000.00? According to them, there is no fix.


I have offered to give this range back for credit on the new  one but was told they don't take back defective products, they just repair them. Replacing a defective new part is considered a repair???


I have many Samsung products and have always liked them but this is probably the last Samsung anything I will ever buy. Also, I wan't be shopping at this company any more either.