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Kitchen and Family Hub

dw80r9950us/aa  literally at 14months this dishwasher started to turn off mid cycle.  no you cannot tell what cyle it does it on as it is a quiet machine also there is no indication of what cycle its on. Now that problem was the beginning of the rabbit hole. Now it won't even power up at all. I turned the breaker off for 5 mins and got It back on once and it worked for about 3-4 days now it is totally unresponsive. I truely think it is going to be bad customer service to make me buy a new one or have a service company come out here on my dime so close to being out of warranty.  Any ideas for a remedy ? Mother board? Touch panel? Internal fuse? How about a shop manual on this box you sold me as I know by reading others post that we have been gotten and you are not going to fix it nor attempt too nor discount parts for this poor equipment. Just reply back with a shop manual link

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