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Error 22c - RF26J7500SR Fridge not Cooling

In April the temperature in the Fridge was 56 degrees.  I called out a local tech and he charged me $120 to remove the back panel (took him two hours it was so frozen).  It got me running.  He then came back a week later and replaced the back panel.  The ice machine was also freezing up.  He showed me the tech report on the improperly designed icemaker and the recall on it.  I paid $500 for him to replace the back panel and install the recalled icemaker parts.  


Now, this morning the fridge is again at 53 degrees.  What????  It's Error 22c.  I look up the code on Google and it seems that everyone is having the same problem since this is a defective product.  I want this fridge replaced or my money back.  Who do I talk to so this happens?  Why did you guys make defective products?  My phone number is 252-904-6986.