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Evaporator Fan freezing RF261BEAESR French Door refrigerator

Very discouraged by Samsung products. We have purchased several appliances and televisions. All have had problems within the first few years. Our biggest disappointment has been the 2016 french door refrigerator. Just as the warranty gave out (2yrs), the cooling system began to constantly freeze over. It has been a HUGE burden and COST to our family. We have had to defrost the refrigerator at least 5 times. Have researched online the possible fixes to this KNOWN PROBLEM for this model.  Lifting the front of the fridge did not help. We have had repair men in our house at least 3 times. And now we are about to replace the entire for cooling system for the hefty price of over $600. We are not in a position to get a new refrigerator. Today, the ice maker has stopped working as well! I am furious and would rather completely junk the fridge. Is Samsung doing anything to remedee the flaws in their machines and help loyal costumers?

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Evaporator Fan freezing RF261BEAESR French Door refrigerator

I would be happy to look into this concern for you. Please send us a private message to the link below.

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