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Exchange issue for RF23J9011SR/AA

I bought my fridge in Aug 2017 and the ice maker was not making ice by Jan 2020.  A Samsung repairman fixed the issue. In May 2020, there was water leaking from below the fridge.  Another Samsung repairman was deployed.  He could not fix the issue.  When I called Samsung Customer Service, they told me that I could get an exchange.  A month later, they tell me that the unit is not available and I can get a e-coupon for $500 less than what I paid for.


The issue is that neither will they fix the fridge nor will they give me an exchange for the same unit.  If I want the same unit, I would have to pay $500 to buy it off of Samsung's website.  What a scam.  Customer Service has not been helpful. I cannot reach the top management for a resolution ot this issue. 

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Exchange issue for RF23J9011SR/AA

Oh no!  Could you provide a transaction number that we could look into?  

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