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Extreme disappointment in your product RF23HSESBSR/AA

(Topic created on: 12/8/20 6:59 AM)
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I purchased this product on 8/28/15 and thought  it was amazing for a brief moment. Then my ice maker stopped working, then I realized all the design flaws (unable to clean the drawers properly) then shelves started cracking. I had the icemaker repaired and then it froze over again within 2 weeks. I saw no point in mulitple visits for fixing and am now forced to use ice trays. I have given up trying to fight for any type of help from Samsung as they claim there is not a know issue and my fridge is as you see out of warranty. I am also not willing  to defrost my fridge over and over in the middle of a pandemic.


My patience came to a screeching halt yesterday when I open the fridge and the door shelf that I had already replaced 1x ($65) fell apart in my hands. I now have a $3000 refrigerator that does not make ice, has tape holding together shelves, a large crack in the main section and dents and rust spots on its front. I am a single woman with only one person using this fridge with care. This is completely unacceptable to me. In contrast I have a 20 year old similarly priced Viking range that has only needed repair once in it is life. I know there is a class action lawsuit, I know that speaking to your customer services reps is useless. I know that your repair people come to my state from a completely different state.


I am tired, I am disappointed and I would like for Samsung as a company to admit that if they are going to charge $3000 for an appliance it should be a $3000 appliance. I respectfully ask that you contact me to discuss how you are going to rectify this situation.IMG_5326.jpegIMG_5324.jpeg

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