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Extremely disappointed

(Topic created on: 1/28/21 11:11 AM)
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I was super excited to order a new refrigerator and range from Samsung online.  Had I known what a disaster their delivery option was I would never have done so.  

The fridge was delivered on Monday -delivery men scratched the heck out of it bringing it in my home.  I returned it immediately.  

Praying the range would be better, I had paid for installation however because they brought the wrong fitting I had to go buy another fitting and then had to reschedule my installation.  Which couldn't be done until three days later.  THis saturday.  I calle XPO this moring and my order had been deleted.  She rescheduled.  I decided to call a plumbing and heating man that I know to do the job.  Now I'm trying to get my installation fee refunded but seems like all their customer service reps are from other countries and between not getting through and having a hard time understanding them, I am extremely disappointed.  I do not recommend anyone purchase from Samsung online - go to Home Depot or Lowes, or ABC Warehouse - you will get much better service. 

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