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FLEX Ice Maker Issues



I started a new discussion because a lot of them were model specific and I didn't want to reply in those to confuse.  I have multiple issues and now a problem:


1.  Model is : RF22M9581SR

2. Issues : frosting over.  My remedy for this was to remove the ice bucket every other weekend and clean out the area - very frustrating, been doing this for almost a year!!  There has to be a fix for this besides taping up the edge like most have been doing on this forum.

3. Ice Maker occassionally doesn't make ice, at all, no clues why.  I have in the past just reset the hub (top right door, interior, remove trap cover and flip the red switch for  a couple minutes).  

4. Ice Maker is not making ice at all now, despite my previous attempts working in the past, but it has been a week that no ice is being made.  I recently have a filter warning that it'll soon expire but it is not expired and not clogged (I tested the water pressure by filling a glass of water using door spout with current filter and without, no change in pressure really).


Please help!  When I checked for clogging of filter, I emptied the filter and can see the usual dirt (light) empty out but nothing alarming, I'm going to change the filter again but I do not suspect the filter cartridge to be the culprit of why the ice maker quick making ice.


Thanks in advance!!

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: FLEX Ice Maker Issues

we are sorry to hear about this. Please send the serial number to this PM Link, and we will look in to this.

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