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Family Hub Usefulness?

(Topic created: 10-11-2021 08:20 AM)
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Kitchen and Family Hub

OK so I've had my Family Hub since May and I did the 6.0 update soon after getting it, so I never used the features some of you are missing. That said, I still am not able to use the Family Hub for things I thought I would, and am wondering if I'm not aware of certain ways I should be using it? 

What are you favorite features and functions? 

One thing that drives me nuts is the calendar. My family uses the Apple calendar and then I sync with Google calendar and have loaded my Google calendar onto the Family Hub. Unfortunately, some Apple events don't load onto the Family Hub, event though they DO load on my Google calendar on my phone, computer, etc. 

Another issue I have is that the Family Hub is usually very wrong when it decides what foods I have in my fridge. I don't even use the food list feature because of this. 

I'd also love to be able to add my own recipes for the meal planner, is that possible? 

Also - am I able to use the Instacart app together with the built in Alexa and voice controls to add groceries directly to Instacart instead of saving them to a list and then having to re-shop at Instacart by copying the list? It's twice the work. 

Any help with these questions - and/or advice about anything else you find useful would be super appreciated! Thank you!

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