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Family Hub functionality removed and no direct replacement?

(Topic created: 10-06-2021 06:17 PM)
Kitchen and Family Hub

I purchased my model RF2665B fridge about a year ago as I was sold on the Family Hub.  Imagine my surprise when I pulled out my phone to access my shopping list only to be told that Samsung no longer supports Family Hub.  And when I got home and checked the fridge I found it had an update, so I blindly and stupidly hit update and lost what I had to have it replace with a system that glitches , won’t allow me to reset my displays and now doesn’t talk to my phone accept to tell the history of when the fridge door has been opened and closed.  Totally useless information.  You sold me a system and have arbitrarily removed it and have replaced it with a system that does not come close to replacing the Family Hub.  I need to know if this switching to Smart Things is your final solution to removing Family Hub.  I am so not impressed.

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