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Family hub Flex Refrigerator Nightmare

(Topic created on: 1/13/21 9:56 AM)
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For the past 4 months I have been trying to get my fridge repaired and the repair personnel and samsung have determined it is unrepairable within the first year of own. They have now authorized an exchange and you would think great problem solved. After countless hours spent on the phone with Lowe's and Samsung, I am no where.  Samsung says they have sent authorization to lowe's for exchange and lowe's never receives anything. Lowes says if the fridge is not in stock they cant do anything and it wont be in stock unless i buy it. If i buy it, it will arrive in April.  The way this customer service nightmare has been going, i would buy it and be stuck with the broken fridge and the one i would have to pay for.  Internet searches show this issue with the icemaker/water dispenser happens very frequently. Why cant samsung own up and send me a fridge directly and pick up this one that cant be repaired. I have wasted hours and hours (over 25 phone calls between samsung and the repair place and lowes) on the phone with Samsung and Lowes and am nowhere.  Not including waiting on hold with samsung for litterally hours and then they hang up. I love this fridge but just want a working one. Definitely a zero stars review with customer service on this one. 

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