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Finally, a solid solution to the Samsung ice maker issue!

Anyone who has a Samsung 4 door refrigerator is familar with the ice maker problem that has plauged this model (and maybe more) to the extent that there is a class action lawsuit regarding this ice maker.  Many people have had it repaired multiple times under warranty without success.  

THERE IS NOW A SOLUTION!  I spoke to Samsung multiple times and they insisted that if I were to have a technician replace the ice maker that it is now a complete re-enginered ice maker.  While I had to pay dearly for the upgrade since I have been out of warranty (they should of payed for it) it is in fact a newly designed ice maker AND IT SOLVED THE PROBLEMS! It no longer drips water, it no longer clogs up every few weeks with ice, I no longer have to rip the ice maker out and chop and hair dryer all the ice out.  Finally a solution.  But $450 bucks??? for an ice maker repair that never worked in the first place from day one?  Shame on you.  I've been a loyal Samsung person forever.

So...bottom line...there is a solution, make sure that the technicians know that they are in fact installing the new re-enginered version or don't waist your time.  And if your still in warranty do it now.


Re: Finally, a solid solution to the Samsung ice maker issue!

Im wondering what all the repair technician replaced. Would you mind letting me know what was done and replaced.  I do know they have a retro kit. New hoses and connectors in the rear, Also a drip pin for the freezer coil. Silicon caulking for the unit as it meets the inner walls. Did it give part numbers on the repair order?  Any info and parts numbers would be greatly appreciated.