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Flex Zone Refrigerator Ice Maker Freezes over and drips water

We purchased our Samsung Flex Zone refrigerator in November of 2016.  t made so much noise from the vertical water line, constantly gurgling, and had a service tech out who told us we needed new compressors.  Another tech came out and said there was nothing wrong with it.  To be sure we had no problems, we returned that refrigerator and got a replacement, model number RF23J9011SR, serial number [edit]in January 2017.  For the last month, the ice maker freezes over and water dribbles out of the ice drop in the door.  We see there have been numerous problems listed with this same issue.  Do you have a fix for the defect?  I also found a service bulletin on the defective part.  What can we do with this so that we have a properly working ice maker?

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Flex Zone Refrigerator Ice Maker Freezes over and drips water

We are sorry to hear about this. Please send the following information to this PM Link, and we can service this for you.


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