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Flex Zone unresponsive

Approximately 2 year old fridge. Flex zone control will not respond when pressed. Stays locked in the deli/meat position, but the drawer is about 45 degrees F. Had an issue a few months ago where the the fridge was ¨binging¨ and the flex zone controller kept cycling through all the settings by itself as if it were possessed or something. Was working fine at the coldest setting, but not anymore. Also, a few days ago noticed the top section of the freezer was not quite frozen, bread was soft and some items were thawed a bit. Lower section still frozen solid. Took a few items out as it was very full, and I also moved it off the wall a bit to see if it was an airflow issue.  Maybe the flex zone controller is bad and not sending a proper signel to cool the drawer? I am open to suggestions.

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Flex Zone unresponsive

Hello there,


If the unit has one compartment that is not cooling at all, but the other compartment is working correctly, perform the following:

  1. Verify the door has not been left open.
  2. Verify the seals around the door are not dirty. Dirty seals can cause gaps large enough to let in warm air, which affects cooling.
    • If the seals are dirty, clean them and allow 24 hours to regain temp.  
    • If the seals are damaged, service is required.
  3. Cut the power to the refrigerator for 2 minutes (unplug it or flip the circuit breaker), and then restore power. If after 3 hours, the fridge is still not cooling, service is required.

Make sure that the unit is leveled. A properly leveled unit can prevent potential cooling issues, noises, or leaks, your refrigerator needs to be level. This link below will show you how to level your fridge and make minor leveling adjustments 


If the unit does not appear to have any power at all (the control panel is also blank and none of the lights come on when the door is opened), this is a different issue and needs to be brought up in its own thread.


If the unit display indicates O FF, OF OF, or has scrolling temperature bars (depending on the model), the unit is in Cooling Off Mode. I can provide steps for getting the unit out of this mode if needed. 


If the refrigerator is not in Cooling Off mode, has power, and is still not cooling at all, unplug the refrigerator (or flip the circuit breaker) for 2 minutes, then plug it back in. If the refrigerator still does not cool, service is required.


If all of this has been completed then service repairs are what is needed. You may message us with the model code and serial number in order to verify the warranty term. If the unit is out of warranty, you are welcome to use the following link to seek local authorized repair centers and obtain pricing information:

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