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Flickering Oven-Range Display/Dishwasher Error Codes/Ice Maker Churning– What Else??

I am beyond frustrated with my Samsung suite of kitchen appliances purchased in 2016 which I did not begin using until 2017 and after reading posts from this site, I am not in this alone.   I have come to worry each day which appliance I am going to encounter an issue with BUT when it’s two at the same time that far surpasses ridiculous!! My weekend was ruined with two of my appliances giving me problems.  YES, two!


The range/oven display (Model Number – NE59J7630SG) began flashing/flickering all the settings.  From reading this site this appears to be a VERY COMMON issue with this model.  I have gone through the rituals of switching off the circuit breaker and unplugging the appliance which by the way, does absolutely NOTHING and I left the power source off all night.  I have gone through the error codes and I do not receive any code.  I placed a post-it note over the flickering display as it was driving me crazy looking at it.  That’s a real classy look for an $800 Samsung range.  Clearly Samsung has an issue here, it’s posted all over this site.   I also noted complaints for most of the ranges with this specific issue are approximately 3 years old and similar if not the same model numbers, how ironic! Let’s be realistic here, this issue seriously sounds like a recall situation and there needs to be some form of ownership on Samsung’s part.  Several postings on this site also state the Samsung Moderator sent a service technician where the circuit boards ended up being replaced to remedy the situation.  Therefore, as the consumer are we to believe defective/faulty circuit boards are the culprit to our flickering displays?  Of course there are still postings were some consumers never get responded to at all.  If it is a defective circuit board this is an expensive ticket item given the range is not that old!  I’m not asking for a new range, as I seriously doubt anyone on here is but we are asking that Samsung stand behind their products when clearly there is a defect! If there were just a few complaints with the same issue I would move along but that is clearly not the case, the multitude of complaints speak volumes.  This is unacceptable, if the cause is known and it is clearly wide-spread it should be addressed!


 Now for the second weekend appliance issue. The dishwasher (Model Number DW80M9550UG) which has already been replaced once when it was only 18 months old in 2018 is subpar in cleaning to begin with.  I hand wash most everything before it ever makes in the dishwasher or you can rest assured it will not cycle clean.  This is by far the worst dishwasher I have ever owned!  As for its new quandary, it started giving a PC error code which won’t go away after attempting to reset according to the manual instructions. Therefore, the service technician hits the jackpot and gets two Samsung repairs from my house this week!  Imagine that! 


The refrigerator (Model Number RS25H5111SG) can barely cycle the ice out, it will churn and churn and when it finally does distribute the cubed ice it’s actually crushed and it spews everywhere.  I have been living with that issue for a while now, as I find that to be small in comparison to the other appliance issues.  That’s just for another time!


Consumers who purchase new kitchen appliances and take good care of them should not be faced with the constant stress of repairs or seriously purchasing new ones within 3 years…BUT I AM and it WILL NOT BE SAMSUNG! Samsung makes an aesthetically attractive appliance but they have proven to me to be functionally unreliable.  Admittedly, I should have researched the appliances a bit more and obviously should have read the postings from this site and the BBB before making my purchase.   My appliances do not get put to much of a test given there are just two adults.  So, if they had to be put to the durability test of large family, quite frankly  I’m not certain how they would endure.  Kitchen appliances are expensive they are not a disposable purchase!! I personally had not planned on buying appliances again at this juncture!   Shame on me for not doing my homework this has proven to be an expensive lesson learned!   Never another Samsung!


Absolutely Beyond Frustrated!



Re: Flickering Oven-Range Display/Dishwasher Error Codes/Ice Maker Churning– What Else??

Beyond Frustrated -


Curious to know if anyone has contacted you?  I am retired and I can make this a mission if the company (which has supplied me with many appliances and TVs) is not supporting their product now.  Since your issue started prior to the COVID 19 confusion, it seems you should have had some type of reply or statement from the company or at least from the moderator of this board.  I see nothing is this thread and have not seen a solution in the threads I have reviewed so far.


I also have a kitched full of Samsung appliances that are about 18 months old.  I know bacause we replaced all of the appliances when we moved into our current home.  


I share the regret of not confirming the current reliability of the appliances, but they had been good in the past.  I really do not want to replace all of my appliances, but I will if I believe it is or will be a safety issue.


Samsung -

How much will you lose in respect and cash if this issue is a defect and someone dies?  I cannot imagine the damage that would do to your company.  Most manufacturing companies have already learned this lesson and manages defects as a part of doing business.  I strongly recommend that this issue receive the attention it deserves and you work harder to retain your good reputation.


Please feel free to contact me for any additional information you require.