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Freezer light not working after replacing light and reed switch

(Topic created: 03-29-2023 01:18 PM)
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I have a Samsung RF23M8070SG refrigerator. The freezer light, located under the drawer above, stopped working. I replace the light, reed switch, old one tested OK, but replaced it anyway,  and unplugged the refrigerator for several minutes. Nothing fixed the problem. I viewed several other posts very similar to this. All the solutions seem to be to contact the service department. These posted are closed. I am wondering if there is some basic problem with the refrigerator that should be covered under a recall. However, with all the posts closed, it seem hard to get an accurate assessment of the number of occurrences.

Any suggestions on how to resolve the issue or gather more data on this particular issue?















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Yeah mine does the same thing but with the light on top of the fridge it works if I hit the top of the fridge next to the light been like that for years