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Freezing and Fan Noise Refrigerator RF23HCEDTSR

I have to defrost it every week with a hair dryer.  Replaced both temperature sensors, main motherboard and heater PC board.  Still , I have to empty the fridge and disassemble to defrost weekly.  My parents had an old 1950's fridge that only required defrosting a few times a year.  You could have at least thrown in a Yetti cooler.  We can't keep more than a day's worth of perrisible food in there.   Problem started right after warranty expired. I want my money back!  When I purchaed this in 2014, I also purchased a Samsung-Dw80f600 Dishwasher.  .  That died 4 years after purchasing.  And it's not like they are used heavily, just my wife and I.


John A