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French Door Fridge Ice Build Up

(Topic created: 09-07-2021 01:28 PM)
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I bought a package of samsung appliances in 2015.   The Fridge (RF28HMEDBSR/AA) started making fan noise: then stopped.   Our milk then starting going off.   I removed the back panel in the fridge and it was a solid block of ice.   I managed to remove all of the ice and moved the sensor as per some videos.   It still is getting ice. 

I think the repair kit is DA82-01415A? 

I never actually hooked up the ice maker, but i am now concerned that it is defective after reading this forum.   

And as a bonus, all of the right side doors, and one of the left sides doors all broke at about the same time about 2 months ago.   We never overloaded them.   They are very expensive to repair.   Especially considering that I may have to give up on this fridge. 



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Samsung Moderator
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I understand how this may be frustrating and want to help have you tried the troubleshooting in the accepted solution below? 



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