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French Door Refrig. - in 3 years - 4 major issues ice maker, defrosting, motherboard, cracked liner

I have a 3 year old French Door Refrigerator with major quality problems:

1) Ice maker stopped working and had to be replaced.  There is a class action lawsuit against Samsung for the badly designed ice  maker.

2)The drain for the defrost water  freezes up and water overflows onto floor.  Had to replace the metal "fin" that attaches to the heater coil and extends down into the drain hole.  Samsung did a revision update and extended the fin length so the fin extends further down the drain hole to stop the water freezing in the drain hole.  This is a frequent  problem caused by bad design.  It is an simple fix but you have to take the back cover off the refrigerator inside cabinet to replace. 

3) Motherboard failed -  I replaced the mother board.   The refrig stopped cooling.  I had six sensor errors suddenly display that stated  six  temperature sensors were bad.  I paid a technician to come out and confirm it was the mother board and not the sensors. 

4) Interior plastic liner on the "floor" under the freezer has a crack running from the front to the back of the unit.  Samsung declared the refrigerator irreparable because the liner is integral to the frame and not a replaceable part.  The crack does not impace the function of the refrigerator but it voids teh warrantly.  This is a manufacturing design flaw.  The only time the refrigerator has been moved was when it was delivered. 


I want to thank Samsung for selling selling a bad quality and badly designed refrigerator and sticking me with the cost of  major repairs.  I really look forward to see what will fail in the 4th year. 


The Samsung customer service representatives say how sorry they are but that does not change the fact that the customer is the one stuck paying for all the repairs on their refrigerator.  I hope all Samsung employes buy Samsung refrigerators so they too can share this wonderful customer experience.




Cosmic Ray

Re: French Door Refrig. - in 3 years - 4 major issues ice maker, defrosting, motherboard, cracked l

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