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Fridge Delivery - just how hard can you make it ?

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They say the measure of a company isn't how they are during normal operations but is more how they react when things don't go to plan, if that's true then Samsung are pretty low in my estimation.. 

Timeline so far

7th September - ordered a fridge freezer online

9th September - text message from logistics company saying they would deliver on 10th

10th September - text message giving delivery window between midday and 2pm

10th September - van turns up during the previously advised delivery window


So far so good. Measuring tapes out, delivery team decide to unwrap the fridge freezer in the street, a short time later they call me outside and show me that the fridge is both a) dented and b) scraped. Do I want the fridge with a discount they offer. No, I want a new £1600 fridge without dents and scratches please.. They box it up and put it back on the lorry

Then the runaround starts, it is clear that neither those who respond in the chatbot on the website or those who answer the samsung phone have any access to any system which gives them real updates. It feels very much like these "team members" work for an outsourced call centre and their hands are very tied by the limited access they have to samsung systems.

Worse than that they do not seem to have real time access to staff either, their requests seem to have a 24 or 48 hour SLA attached. 

I'm told the courier company (by the courier company) will be in touch with Samsung and that Samsung will be in touch with me to advise a delivery date for a replacement.  

10th September - both online chat and phone call to Samsung, no clarity on replacement, both say, "7-10 days". Why 7-10 days if an inital order can be provisioned in 3/4 ?

14th September - call into the contact centre - still no clairty - update requested

20th September - online chat - still no clarity - update requested

22nd September - online chat - still no clarity - update requested

22nd September - email from Samsung telling me my order is completed 

22nd September - email from Samsung telling me that an exchange request is being processed

Order tracking on the website says nothing meaningful at this point - indeed doesn't still today

23rd September - email from Samsung - order dispatched !!

23rd September - text from courier saying the fridge will be delivered on 24th

24th September - text from courier giving two hour window

24th September - phone call from courier company saying, "samsung didn't send us the fridge so we can't deliver it"

24th September - phone call to Samsung, still no clarity

28th September - phone call to Samsung, still no clarity

29th September - email from samsung saying that their courier is still trying to locate the fridge

1st October - phone call to samsung, no clarity


It is pretty clear that calling the contact centre is of no use whatsover and there doesn't appear to be any way of talking to a human in Samsung that cares about customer satisfaction. I'm not even trying to complain (though this post is clearly that). I just want to know what day to expect the replacement fridge freezer on, though now I am beginning to doubt I will ever see it and order cancellation is probably the route I have to go down..

I am sure Samsung fridges are awesome, I am sure that if everything goes smoothly on the first delivery that things will be golden for you. I am equally sure that if they don't that you will discover that Samsung are out and out the most frustrating organisation to deal with, to get updates from, bar none...

Buyer beware. Ordered on 7th September, now 1st October, no fridge, no clarity, 24 days elapsed...



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