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Fridge / Freezer Ice Unit Door continually opening and closing

(Topic created on: 4/15/21 7:49 AM)
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Hi , I’m wonderingbif anybody has any solutions for me . 
My ice flap that opens to allow ice out won’t stop opening and closing .  It’s continuous . 
I have seen a few posts saying that it’s not repairable . 
I have also seen an ice unit which looks like mine for sale on “ spare” sites . 
Can I replace the faulty unit with this if it suits the same model . Other post I’ve seen have said you need to replace the full door !! 
Thanks for your help in advance 


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Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator
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This is something that would need to be serivced. I would be happy to look into the further for you! Can you send me a private message with the full model and serial number?    http://bit.ly/2sSxapD

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