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Fridge temperature not right, keeps freezing food

I have a Samsung fridge model number: RF23HCEDBSR/AA manufactured in 2016. 
The fridge temperature reads 30 Celsius (86 F), and will not give the proper reading causing the temperature of the fridge to drop to -2 C (28 F). It does this for a while then displays the set/desired temperature of 7 C (45 F), but the actual temperature is still below -2 C (28 F). 
I have tested two sensors using an OHM meter, and I have just switched out the circuit board. Same problem. Not sure what else to try. 

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Fridge temperature not right, keeps freezing food

If a water line is not connected, turn off the ice maker. Not only will this fix the overcooling issue, but it will also prevent damage to the ice maker.

  1. See if the ice bucket is full.

    The ice maker will lower the temperature of the freezer while making ice. When it's done making ice and the bucket is full, the freezer will return to the temperature you set it to. This happens even if the ice maker isn't in the freezer compartment because the cooling systems are linked.

  2. Check your temperature setting.

    You may have just set the freezer colder than you intended. See our guide for recommended temperatures.

  3. Turn Power Freeze off.

    Power Freeze sets the freezer as cold as it can get, and will not turn off by itself for up to 72 hours on some models. If the Power Freeze icon is lit, it is still running. Turn it off to return the freezer to the temperature you've set. Typically this is done by touching and holding the Freezer button for 3 seconds until the light goes out.

    On Family Hub refrigerators, Power Freeze and your temperature are controlled in the Fridge Manager app.

  4. Keep your refrigerator's environment above 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

    If the refrigerator is stored outside or somewhere that is below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, this will add to the refrigerator's cooling and cause overcooling.


If the troubleshooting steps did not help above then you have a couple of options based on your warranty. 

- If your unit was recently purchased, you can check with your retailer on their return/exchange processes.
- If you have an extended warranty you can reach out to them to have service set up. 
- If you're OUT of warranty, you can use this link below to find a service center in your area.

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