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Frozen icemaker in 4-door fridge

Our ice maker has been slowing down for weeks and the ice has weird chunks of crystals on it. Now no ice at all! Tried to open bucket to take a peek and it was frozen shut. Managed to work it out without breaking the plastic and found a huge sheet of ice on the underside of the tray. Model RF23J9011SR.


It's probably 2-3 years old, way too early to be having a major problem. I'm worried when I look on these boards and see thousands of customers with a similar problem. Has anyone had a good response from Samsung? Or success with replacing the ice-maker? Or do I just have to constantly defrost & reset? Doesn't sound like that works for very long.





Re: Frozen icemaker in 4-door fridge

Ive reposted this for a solution that's worked for me.


***TRY THIS FIX, IT WORKED FOR ME!***  I  had the same problem with the ice maker freezering up and no ice.  Inherent issue with all the different Samsung models with icemakers in the fridge.  Then I found this video on line after hours of viewing other temporary fixes such as, code resets, blow dryers and ice picking!  Ice would dispense for about a week before the problem would resurface. The problem is when you initially set up the fridge, it is either left alone on the wheels or leveled with the adjustable casters.  This setup causes the icemaker to to overflow when filling with water, dripping over the right side, freezes and stops dispensing when the buildup of ice blocks the sensor mounted near the front.  The solution is that the fridge needs to be tilted back about 1/4" by raising the front casters to keep water from overflowing.  Make sure you start fresh with a defrosted icemaker using the force defrost. It's been over a month now with fresh ice and just a light frost on the underside and right side of the dispenser. It should be noted that the creator of the video stated that this worked for a few months for him before problems resurfaced.  I'm hopeful this solves my problems.