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Gas Range NX58M6630SS/AA is Defective!

(Topic created: 03-11-2022 08:23 AM)
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It's interesting that Samsung deleted my original post about my defective range. It appears that they would like to keep this quality issue quiet. The buttons still do not work properly even after having the entire control panel replaced three times. Most recently the convection feature stopped working. This is the biggest piece of junk that I have ever purchased. I will never purchase another Samsung product again. The quality is as inferior as the customer support.

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On July 30, 2020 we purchased a new Samsung gas range NX58M6630SS from Lowes. Thankfully we also purchased an extended warranty.
On April 22 (21 months after our purchase) while my wife was baking, our home suddenly filled with gas and we had to evacuate everyone one quickly and cut off the main gas supply. My 60 yo wife and a handicapped individual that resides with us were terrified. We called the Lowes warranty number and they sent a technician out April 29, 2022 (8 days after the incident) while we did without a range to use. Upon examination (with the gas still cut off), he discovered an electrical short related to the oven light. While there, he related his findings to Samsung by cell phone along with a photograph he took of the shorted part and told us to contact them the following day. My wife contacted them and was offered a partial refund of our original purchase price.
This is not acceptable to us as our family and home could have been destroyed as a result of this defective Samsung range. My wife is terrified of gas ranges now to the point that I have paid to have the gas stove line completely removed and a electric line installed. On May 5, 2022 I purchased a GE electric range from Lowes to replace the Samsung which is now on my covered patio in a protective wrapping until this matter is settled.