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Gas Stove Model: NX58K3310SS/AA

(Topic created: 09-28-2021 01:30 PM)
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I bought this Stove for my new house outdoor kitchen in late 2018.  Stove was installed and worked fine the first few months. Then I started having problems with an error code that came up (C-31)  I could not clear the problem.  I called Samsung and they said it was out of warranty, but they would do a one time fix.  Well a service person showed up (December 26-2020) with no parts and did not communicate very well what the problem was. He said he was going to order part or parts. he came back (Jan 7-2021) 10 days later, did not let me know he was here at my house. just came in gate went to patio and replaced parts. I just caught him when he was leaving, tride to get information from him which he seemed like he did not have to pass on to me.  Very strange service rep from Cone Appliances some where out of Florida, very strange outfit to say the least.

Well oven worked three times after the repair then the same error code came up again (C-31) This time it would not clear and in the process of trying to clear it I put my hand on the Control Panel and it was so HOT it burned my hand when I touched it??? Wow that was something new and different to say the least.  The error is still up on the readout, will not clear.  The burners are still working. 

I wish I had done some prior research on this product before buying, I WOULD NOT HAVE BOUGHT IT.  I just moved from my previous house and had bought ALL NEW Samsung appliances that were working great.  I am at that Point I wish I could find a stove that did not have all the **bleep** electronics and that I could light myself and not worry about some Chinese circuit board to do the job.  They are very undependable and I have learned my lesson on this stove.  

I called Samsung again today to chew some A--, but they are now going to send out another Cone Appliance tech to check out my problem.  I said I was not going t pay for any of these problems or service calls.  The lady said Samsung was not going to charge me for it!!! Wow lets see what happens  this time around. on Model: NX58K3310SS/AA

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