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Great products awful customer service

Chapter 1
The purchase
So on the 16th of April I purchased from Samsung a new refrigerator and was given a delivery date of Tuesday April 21st.
Chapter 2
Web site confusion 
Monday April 20th I went on to check on my delivery status because no one had called me to set up a time for the 21st.
I tried their on line chat but that department could not assist me because it had already been set to procurement. I was given a number to call, my very least favorite thing to do in the world is to get on the phone with poor Customer service reps who have to deal with bitter angry upset folks when all they can really do is offer apologies and escalate to another department.
Chapter 3
The loop
I called the number provided went through six prompts and was placed on hold, after 34 minutes I chose the option for a call back when it was my turn. No one ever called back. I waited until 8pm no one called. Tuesday April 21st (Original date of promised Delivery)
I call again schedule a call back because of " longer than usual hold times", I was 5th in line.
Call comes around 45 minutes later (I was impressed, figured it would be all day again).
When I answered I heard a ringing as if I had placed the call, it rang about four times then all I heard was static, buzzing noises and a very distant "Hello" which I responded with "Hello?" This went on for 15 to 20 seconds and I hung up. I called again went through the six prompts and decided to wait on hold again. I waited,      and waited and then static, buzzing and the hello, hello exchange again no one could hear each other. So I hung up.
This went on for about two to three hours either waiting for a callback or waiting on hold. I wanted single malt Irish whiskey on IV drip by now I wanted to give up.
Chapter 4
The angel
I dialed again and through some kind of Samsung wizardry all the prompts disappeared and I was connected to a clear as a bell, no interference pleasant as peach cobbler wonderful woman in Eldredge IA who dug into my account dillegently searching for my refrigerator.
Never having to be put on hold for longer than two minutes she found my order but could not find my refrigerator anywhere in the system. After another two minute hold (I love this lady) she "escalated" my inquiry to another department. She apologized for the confusion and told me to stay safe and healthy, (I really love this person did a great job I really mean it) Was told that I would get a call within 24hrs about my order.
Chapter 5
The blame game 
Wednesday April 22nd I receive another static, buzzing, echo infused call from someone, couldn't ever understand what his name was but through all the static and echoes and buzzing I was able to determine that the on-line sales department are a little over a week behind the procurement department and two weeks behind the warehouse and the three departments have not spoken in years( you know how families can be so close but not really talking). Apparently there were no models of my refrigerator available until mid May and I shouldn't have been given a delivery date. But whatever his name was assured me he would search the country to find my refrigerator and he would get back with me as soon as possible. A few hours later mystery man called me again, phone connection not any better, but the good news was he found the one model of my refrigerator in the country and he tried to get it scheduled for Thursday the 23rd but the best he could do was Friday the 24th. Someone from the delivery company would call me to give me a four hour window of delivery time. I thanked him and high five my wife for getting a victory.
Chapter 6
The shell game
Didn't get a call from anyone about the delivery. Friday morning I went through emails to see if anyone reached out, nope, nothing no calls no emails.
So I log on to my Samsung account (We have other Samsung appliances, Samsung phones, lots of Samsung TV, tablets, we are kind of like the weird apple people but with Samsung products. There products are awesome the organization of the company is another story). Samsung has somehow managed to combine both the best and worst web site together. Making a purchase is informative and easy. Once your purchase is made someone flips a switch and it becomes a rabbit hole of Lewis Carroll proportions, nothing works as it should, finding your order is impossible, trying to speak with an actual person through their chat with us is not easy. Phone numbers are still listed as 1 800 Sam4USA(NOT THERE REAL NUMBER) who remembers the alphabet system for phone numbers.
My account shows the purchase, still shows the delivery date of Friday the 24th ( amended from the 2st) I write down the reference number and shipping number. 
I go through my phone and find the number of the Angel in IOWA  I call her not knowing that I'm actually going to get her again (I figured I was calling a call center) but much to my surprise and relief I got the angel again, she worked her magic and came back in two minutes (not kidding about this) unfortunately because she had escalated my case she could no longer access the reference number of the problem. But she was able to give me the name of the company who was responsible for delivering my refrigerator but was not allowed to give me a number to call. XPO logistics out of NM, I called them and got the enlightening information that they did indeed have my refrigerator but it had not been scheduled for delivery? Three times I had,been given three delivery dates by Samsung but none of them were real or achievable. The soonest that my refrigerator could get delivered was Monday the 27th and someone would call me with a four hour window delivery time on Saturday the 25th between 6 and 9pm. So I sit here dumbfounded, I understand that during this difficult time in the country that I shouldn't expect things to work like things did before. But this was next level disfunction and frustrating so very very frustrating. I didn't plan on having a broken refrigerator during the pandemic but things happen, I still love Samsung products but I might not be so quick to pull the trigger on another online purchase. 
Samsung you have to do better than this, your a major player in the electronic/telecomunication and appliance business don't let the train wreck your back of the house ruin the stellar products you produce. We have purchased nothing but Samsung phones for nearly ten years, appliances and entertainment devices throughout our home they are not cheap but excellent in quality. You can make this right and fix the broken system.
P.S. a representative offered me fifty dollars for my inconvenience?
Fifty dollars is supposed to make things alright after being mislead and given three different delivery dates while I sit here with a broken refrigerator. You can do better, make this right.
Got my refrigerator today and I'm very happy with the product as usual but the lack of concern from Samsung on how this was handled is making me very angry