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Hate New Update!!!!

We have a Samsung smart frig that utilizes the Family Hub app. One of our favorite parts of the frig is that we can upload pictures and it scrolls through the pictures randomly. People spend hours at our house watch those pictures randomly scroll. Then along comes the infamous new update....


First it made me delete all photos because it needed more space for the update. After the update was completed we spent 4 hours reloading all the photos. Then once they started playing they would ONLY play in order from the beginning. They would no longer shuffle. I no this seems like a first world complaint but why would Samsung remove such a simple feature with a new update? 


I called Samsung to see if there was something I was missing. Nope. The new update removed the ability to randomly sort or shuffle pictures. I asked if there was a way to go back to the previous update which worked great, the answer was no. I asked what new amazing features this new update provided. The Samsung rep literally told me it allowed for photos to come up as a screensaver. It was doing that since I bought the frig. He was literally less than any help.


So the only way to get the pictures to come in a different order is to go back and delete them all and re-upload them (a third time) in the order I would prefer they come up.


I am so annoyed!