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Horrible Samsung Refrigerator rf23j9011sg/aa

We are on our second fridge that we haven't had for a year and there is an issue with the flap opening and closing constantly. This is our replacement fridge as the last one lasted 3 or 4 months and had an issue with the cooling mechanism they couldn't fix. We had to borrow mini fridges from people for over 4 months while we spent well over 10 hours on the phone with customer service people who kept giving us the run around hoping we would just give up. They finally sent a new fridge after more than 4 months but wouldn't even let me buy an extended warranty. They said I had to use the first fridge's warranty even though I offered to pay and we had a NEW one. So now the warranty is expired but we haven't had this one for even a year. This is just part of our fridge story, our Samsung dishwasher was a whole other nightmare. I will never buy another Samsung appliance again! They need to stick to TVs and phones.