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Horrible experience with range knobs breaking

Having the same horrible experience as others with the knobs breaking on my gas range NX58H5650SS.

All five knobs broke!  Replaced three on my own - at least $40 each on Amazon - and now the others are broke!  Spent 45 mins chatting online with someone at Samsung last night who was NO help.  Kept saying he was sorry but there was nothing he could do as the warranty ran out.  Who cares if the warranty ran out - this is a gas range and broken knobs not only signify shoddy product features, but a safety issue as well!  I have owned two homes and have had at least four ranges and have NEVER had even one knob break let alone ALL five!  But, of course Samsung doesn't care.  I will look at other manufacturers next time I need appliances - which will be soon because this range is not in good condition after only three years - RIDICULOUS!